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Everyone is welcome to apply for residency at our community; however, not everyone will qualify. To qualify, there are a number of minimum requirements with regard to completing the application process & screening. We utilize a 3rd party screening program to determine eligibility.

Minimum Requirements:
Every adult member of the household must:

  • Complete and sign a TAA Application
  • Read and acknowledge this Qualifying Criteria
  • Pay appropriate application and processing fees
  • Provide a valid government issued ID (no copies or expired document accepted)
  • Provide a valid US Government-issued social security card
  • Provide Proof of income documenting income of at least 2.5 X monthly rent in the form of one of the following:
    • 2-consecutive pay stubs
    • 3 months of bank statements with consistent deposits
    • Third party notarized letter of income earned
    • Current government issued documentation
  • Exemplify Acceptable credit history (verified by a 3rd party)
  • Exemplify Acceptable rental history (verified by a 3rd party)
  • Exemplify Acceptable criminal history. Felons less than 7 years, any crime involving bodily injury, sexual perversion, theft or intent to distribute an illegal substance will be disqualified.

Summary of Fees:

  • Application Fees (non-refundable) $60
  • Joint Married Applications (non-refundable) $100
  • Deposit (refundable – allow 5 days for processing)
    • 1 bedroom $300
    • 2 bedrooms $400
    • Those with less than exceptional credit or rental history may be deemed as a conditional approval by our 3rd party screening company you may be offered a 2nd chance program fee, this is a non-refundable fee in addition to the above.

  • 2nd Chance Fee
    • 1 bedroom $150-$300
    • 2 bedroom $350-$500

REQUIRED Pet Information (if applicable):
We require all pets to be disclosed at application or within 24-hours of entry into an apartment. We require the following for all pets:

  • Payment of a $300 fee (Non- Refundable)
  • Monthly pet rent of: $25.00 pet rent fee for 1 animal and $45.00 for 2 animals
  • Photo of Pet and Pet profile completed and on file with the office - approved

*the following AKC aggressive breeds are not allowed on property, Pit Bull, Mastiffs, Doberman, Rottweiler, Chow, and Akitas. Any 'mixed breeds' with any of the above will be disqualified as well.

REQUIRED Renters Insurance:
Prior to move in, we require proof of general liability insurance for renter’s or ‘renter’s insurance’ with a minimum requirement is $100,000 general liability coverage. Before an applicant is allowed to move in you must provide proof of the required policy. Failure to maintain required insurance will be grounds for termination of the lease agreement. Our preferred provider is Assurent and can be purchased on line at: https://www.assurantrenters.com/

REQUIRED RUBS Program (Resident Utility Billing Program)/Monthly: We invoice for monthly utility for master community utilities including water, sewer, trash, gas, & pest control. Water/sewer are allocated based on the TNRCC state guidelines for allocation of water & sewer. According to the state guidelines, bill back to residents is based on a 50% occupant count & 50% square footage rules. Trash and pest control are billed back at a monthly flat fee.

REQUIRED Occupancy Standards: No more than 3 persons may occupy the one bedroom apartment, and S persons in a two bedroom. This is deemed reasonable be federal and state law. Any count over this may result in an unauthorized occupancy situation and subject to termination of lease.

No unit will be assigned, no application will be screened and no determination made until all applications are signed (front & back), rental qualifying criteria signed and initialed by each applicant, all non-refundable application fees & or deposits are paid, valid identification presented (no photo copies accepted), and verifiable proof of income provided.

OPTIONAL: All Bills Paid (ABP Allocation):

We offer an "Utility Bundle" option. Since electrical consumption changes monthly & electric utility deposits are often unreasonable, we allow our residents the option of utilizing our master electric account for their use, without the unnecessary inconvenience of applying for and setting up a separate electric account, or having to pay an electric utility deposit. With the monthly rental payment, the resident would include an additional "UB" flat fee/monthly pay to include: electricity & RUBs fees.

Our UB options are as follows (this is in addition to the monthly rental amount for your unit):

  • 1 Bedrooms $205.00/monthly
  • 2 Bedrooms $255.00/monthly

No unit will be assigned, no application will be screened and no determination made until all applications are signed (front & back), rental qualifying criteria signed and initialed by each applicant, all non-refundable application fees & or deposits are paid, valid identification presented (no photo copies accepted), and verifiable proof of income provided.


The purpose of this policy is to outline some of our procedures relating to the confidentiality and security of sensitive personal information, including social security numbers, disclosed to us by prospective and existing residents. For the purposes of this policy, the term "sensitive personal information" shall mean an individual's first name or first initial and last name in combination with any one or more of the following items, if the name and the items are not encrypted: (i) social security number; (ii) driver's license number or government-issued identification number; or (iii) account number or credit or debit card number in combination with any required security code, access code, or password that would permit access to an individual's financial account. This term does not include publicly available information that is lawfully made available to the general public from the federal government or a state or local government.

  1. Collection and use of sensitive personal information. When you apply to rent a unit in our community, we will ask you to disclose certain sensitive personal information on your rental application and possibly other lease documentation. This sensitive personal information will be used by us for business purposes including confirmation of your identity, determination of your eligibility for rental and collection of amounts you owe.
  2. Protection and access to sensitive personal information. We will keep the sensitive personal information you provide to us in our files. If you become a resident in our community, we will keep the sensitive personal information in a resident file. If you do not become a resident, we will keep your sensitive personal information in a general file. Personnel with the owner and Management Company, if applicable, will have access to our files. We also reserve the right to disclose sensitive personal information for business related reasons to others such as independent contractors, credit reporting agencies, collection agencies or prospective purchasers or their agents in a manner allowed by law.
  3. Disposal of records containing sensitive personal information. It is our policy to dispose of records that contain sensitive personal information by shredding, erasing, or by other means making the sensitive personal information unreadable or undecipherable.
  4. Taking corrective action. In the event that you experience identity theft or we discover that there has been unauthorized acquisition of computerized data that compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of sensitive personal information, as defined above, we will comply with all applicable law with respect to taking appropriate corrective action.

This policy has been designed to meet the requirements of applicable law with respect to the adoption of a privacy policy. Nothing contained in this policy shall constitute a representation or warranty of any type whatsoever that sensitive personal information will not be misplaced, duplicated, or stolen. No liability is assumed with respect to any such occurrences.

By choosing "I Agree" and continuing to the application, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all of the above information and criteria.

Please choose"I Agree" to continue to the application.

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